Lisa’s love of health and beauty has been years in the making. Lisa’s expansive career has provided her with an extensive resume, including an impressive list of accomplishments. Her love of health and fueling her body grew and evolved over the years. With a career beginning in the beauty industry as a master artist and creative director, a hobby for health and wellness, turned into a Certification as a Health Coach.

With an inherent drive to share and educate, the coaching comes naturally. Lisa has found a love and fascination for nutrition, health and wellness. Her life-long love affair with yoga has bloomed into a beautiful daily practice that has not only transformed her body, but also, her mind. She studies essential oils and food and applies that to her daily life, striving to live as clean as possible.

Lisa’s desire to better manage her and her family’s well-being has taken her down the path of taking classes, reading voraciously, questioning professionals and eventually getting certified as a health coach specializing in behavior change.


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